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Who are we?

We are a family-owned business spanning generations, specializing in crafting luxurious cashmere knitwear and accessories in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Our journey began with our founder, Anin Rajbhandari, who envisioned a venture that honors Nepal's exceptional craftsmanship while also contributing to its community. Discovering exquisitely soft locally sourced cashmere, he embarked on creating meticulously curated collections in collaboration with skilled local artisans.

What do we do?

Our collections seamlessly blend Sustainability, Design, and Quality. We hold firm to the belief in the invaluable contribution of Nepali culture, values, and craftsmanship to our contemporary society. Therefore, our collections draw inspiration from local sources while being tailored for a global audience, reflecting a fusion of local essence and cosmopolitan appeal.

How do we do it?

Our local artisans craft our products with meticulous care, reflecting our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint and prioritizing the well-being of our workforce. Upholding the highest standards of design and quality in our products, alongside our commitment to community upliftment, lies at the heart of our mission.


What's our production process?


Hand-spinning is a thorough process that demands careful execution. It necessitates a significant amount of dedication and patience throughout its duration.


Due to the sensitivity of Pashmina wool to the vibrations produced by power looms, the traditional 100% Pashmina Shawls are exclusively woven on hand looms. Weaving, considered an art form, is meticulously executed using a shuttle, with each shawl requiring approximately four days to complete. This time-honored technique has been proudly passed down from one generation to the next.


Similar to spinning, dyeing is conducted manually. Azo-free and metal dyes are employed in this process to ensure the production of entirely eco-friendly shawls. Utilizing pure water sourced from deep underground, the dyeing process occurs at a temperature slightly below boiling point for approximately an hour.


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